Our Testing

Forget about the "unboxings" or ”reviews” of the brand new gear. Describing an item in a review published on our site is preceded by USAGE:

  • In different places and conditions. From the city to mountains, from the sun to the rain, snow and wind. We go on many routes, we visit different places. All this gives countless opportunities for diverse tests.

  • Over a long period. Before we even start writing the review, each item is used by us for at least 3-4 months. But usually, the tests take a lot longer.

  • As intended, or not. We test most of the equipment in the applications that it was created for, but if we have to, we will use it wherever we need it.


At the end of our reviews, you will find score on a scale from 1 to 10, which we decided to use to express our thoughts in another, quite simple way.

     • In short, 7 means that the equipment described is good; 8 that it is actually very good. 9 and 10 are only available to the best gear.

     • When evaluating, we take into account factors such as the quality of craft, usability, convenience of use, and price.

     • The importance of each of those factors greatly depends on the exact specifics of the described piece of gear – that’s why next to the score you will also find brief summaries of item’s pros and cons.

IMPORTANT! You may find that what we consider to be a flaw (such as a large size of a waist pack) will be an advantage to you, or it will not be important enough to affect the assessment. Keep that in mind when considering a possible purchase!

Quality Mark

To better address the needs of those looking for the right equipment, we have introduced the quality mark "Recommended by Gear Insider". You will find it next to the scores of the items we consider as the very best.

To receive the mark, a piece of equipment must meet a number of conditions:

  • be pleasant and comfortable to use

  • be well crafted

  • be functional

  • its price must match the rest of its specifics.

The most important of the criteria, however, is the answer to the question "Would I recommend this item to my friends asking for help in choosing the equipment?"

If the answer is yes, we know that we can also recommend it to you, our readers.