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The ArmyTek Wizard we reviewed some time ago is a torch that has won our love with (among others) a very wide set of modes, solid construction and overall versatility. However, what limits its potential applications is its size – it will fit into your pocket, but it won’t be really convenient. Moreover, so much power or work time won’t be always necessary, and saving space and weight will be more important. This is where the smaller sister of the Wizard, ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro USB (Warm), appears.

The set with Armytek Tiara C1 Pro includes:

  • Box
  • A flashlight
  • ArmyTek 18350 rechargeable battery with a capacity of 900mAh (without protection)
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • Carrier strap
  • Plastic mount
  • Pocket clip
  • Spare O-rings


The body of the ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro is made of the aircraft grade aluminum covered with a durable, matt black coating. Nevertheless, as a result of carrying in one pocket with a swiss army knife, the layer began to wear off in some places (however, there’s no peeling – and that’s important too).

Along the body, the manufacturer has also placed white markings informing, among others, about the flashlight model or diode used.

In the middle of the tube there are two sockets allowing to connect the torch to the headband or attachment of the pocket clip. Right next to it there are radiator fins, which increases the heat dissipation, thus allowing the Tiara C1 to work longer in high modes.

ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro can be carried on forehead using a flexible tape with plastic mount. The whole works well and is comfortbale, although the initial interlacing and adjustment of the tape may require a bit of time.

The mount wwhich allows for the quick removal of the torch proved to be very useful – the flashlight carried on the forehead can be easily pulled out to illuminate something at a specific angle or to give it to someone nearby. On the other hand, this solution creates a risk of losing the flashlight during a fall, or when hitting something for example when passing through a cave. For activities of this type, it might be best to secure the torch with an additional zip tie.

The same sockets can be also used to attach a pocket clip, which will prevent the ArmyTek Tiara C1 from falling out of the trousers pocket or allowing it to be attached to a belt or a backpack. The stiffness of the clip is adequate, so the risk of loosing the flashlight carried on it is really small. The same applies to the attachment – it is so difficult to remove the clip that the risk of accidental detachment is negligible.

In the next part of the flashlight, the manufacturer placed a switch made of yellow silicone. The switch has appropriate stiffness, and as usually in ArmyTeek flashlights it also serves as an indicator:

    • When switching between modes the switch will emit a single red flash

    • When the torch is on, the switch will indicate the battery status:

        ◦ Above 75% the switch will emit a green flash every 5 seconds

        ◦ Below 75% a yellow flash will appear every 5 seconds

        ◦ Under 25% an orange flash will appear every 2 seconds (the number of available modes will also be reduced)

        ◦ Below 10% a red flash will appear every 1 second

• If the flashlight overheats (~ 70 ° C), the switch will emit 3 orange flashes every two seconds. At an even higher temperature, the Tiara will emit 3 red flashes every second, and the number of available modes will be limited until the temperature drops.

    • The green flash can also be activated whe the torch is switched off to allow it to be located in the dark

The diode used in Armytek Tiara C1 is the Cree XP-L version providing a pleasant, warm light (the headlamp is also available with “ordinary”, cold diode with slightly higher lumens). Full light stabilization ensures that the output of lumens will remain constant (unless the torch overheats).

Thanks to the diffuser placed in front of the diode, Armytek Tiara C1 throws a wide beam of light, which is sufficient to illuminate practically the entire field of view. On the other hand, the flashlight is not so effective for longer distances.

ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro features 11 modes:

  • Firefly 1 – 0.4 lm (work time, according to manufacturer – 60d)

  • Firefly 2 – 2.4 lm (8d)

  • Firefly 3 – 3.4 lm (2.5d)

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  • Main 1 – 31 lm (15h)

  • Main 2 – 83 lm (6.5h)

  • Main 3 – 205 lm (2.4h)

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  • Turbo 1 – 410 lm (1h)

  • Turbo 2 – 840 lm (30 min)

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  • Strobe 1 – 83 lm / 1Hz (1.7h)

  • Strobe 2 – 410 lm / 1Hz (3.3h)

  • Strobe 3 – 840 lm / 10Hz (90h)

The threads were covered with a layer of NyoGel grease and secured with two O-rings – the manufacturer guarantees that the Tiara will survive submersion down to 10m (what is additionally confirmed by the IP-68 certificate).

Inside the flashlight there is an ArmyTek 18350 rechargeable battery with a capacity of 900mAh, Tiara will also work with CR123 batteries. A dedicated circuit prevents over-discharge of the battery, so you can use unprotected cells.

ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro ends with a meagnet-fitted tail cap, which after partial unscrewing allows you to charge the flashlight with a magnetic charger (USB cable terminated with a magnetic connector). Partial unscrewing of the cap also allows you to secure the torch against accidental activation in your pocket.

Our thoughts on ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro USB Warm headlamp

The ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro Warm can best be characterized by the term “small Wizard“. Both torches from the Canadian producer are basically identical – the only significant difference is the cell used and the resulting change in length, the lumen output and working time (although it also depends on the diode).

Like the Wizard, ArmyTek Tiara provides a versatile set of modes suitable for basically every situation, high comfort of use, a 10-year warranty and robust build (besides immersion resistance, the manufacturer states that Tiara’ll survive falls from up to 10m). In this case, however, these features are now contained in a more compact form that allows you to carry the flashlight with you even in a pocket of normal trousers (which in the case of Wizard was rather difficult).

On the other hand, when it comes to carrying Tiara in a pocket, a problem is that despite its small size and weight, its design is not as compact as it could actually be. The radiator’s “ribs” slightly enlarge the torch, and considering the size of the 18350 cell, it seems that the Tiara itself could also be slightly shorter (although such compression of the structure could have a negative impact on resistance to falls).

Magnetic charging works very well and is easy to use. However, you must remember to bring a cable with you – a problem that does not occur in the torches charged by the micro USB port. On the other side, the solution used in the latest C1 Pro appears to be more durable – resistant to damage, flooding or wear. However, one issue remains – various pieces of dust and etc. with magnetic properties will gather in the charging port as you use the flashlight. If enough of them accumulates, it won’t be possible to charge Tiara until the port is cleaned (eg with a cotton swab).

The last of the important issues is that despite the rugged design and available modes, Tiara C1’s work time is very limited, making it difficult to treat it as a flashlight for the all-night walks. However, it is still an excellent torch to carry with you on a daily basis, “just in case” or during trips where the source of light is not needed constantly.


ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro USB Warm is a compact, yet fully functional headlamp that will also work as a hand torch. Great performance, range of modes, resistance and general usability make me able to say that the Canadian manufacturer delivered another torch worth recommendation – even if some of the solutions can be considered debatable).

We would like to thank the ArmyTek Poland for giving us a chance to test the ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro USB Warm!



  1. Danke für die umfassende Vorstellung !

    Bin schon länger Fan der Wizard Pro und werd mir nun die kleine Schwester auch zulegen … M.E. sprechen 2 Besonderheiten für diese zwei Armyteks: sehr robuste Machart und gute Bedienbarkeit durch den Schalter oben drauf. Insbesondere bei der Schalterposition können sich die Zebras, Olights und Co. noch was abgucken 😉

    Schöne Grüße und bis bald im Wald !

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