Claw Gear Aviceda – Review

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Aviceda is a lightweight fleece jacket from the Swiss company Claw Gear. How does it perform in actual use?

Aviceda’s cut is rather tight on the chest, but also quite loose on the biceps. The endings of sleeves feature elastic material, which fits the hands closely.

The manin fabric of Claw Gear Aviceda jacket is a light fleece. The fabric is thin and lacks density – as a result Aviceda might be too light for more demanding, eg. winter, conditions. (although, obviously, this will depend on individual preferences and your other clothing layers).

As you’d expect from a fleece jacket of this type, Aviceda’s collar is quite high and protects user’s neck well. The jacket can be closed using a two way YKK zipper.

Claw Gear Aviceda jacket can be adjustem using a set of hem drawstrings.

Claw Gear Aviceda features five pockets:

  • Two on your stomach, closed with YKK zippers
  • One on each bicep, with velcro panels on the outside
  • One internal, closed with YKK zipper

Our thoughts

The moment you take Claw Gear Aviceda into your hands you’ll notice that the fabric feels cheap and simply worse than the most basic fleeces from Decathlon. Of course, this means that the jacket is lightweight, but at the same time this comes at the expense of thermal properties, durability and reliability. What’s more, the fabric of Claw Gear Aviceda started showing signs of wear way sooner than any of the fleeces we’ve ever worn.

Claw Gear Aviceda has five pockets, with each and every of them featuring zippers made by YKK, a company famous for the great work of their zippers. Unfortunately, in case of Aviceda the zippers used in the pockets work with quite a bit of resistance, which means that using pockets requires way more effort than it ever should. You could perhaps wonder, if it isn’t made on purpose, to prevent losing any equipment if a pocket would open on its own, but this explanation feels highly unlikely. Having worn multiple jackets of all sorts I can’t recall a situation when a zipper working properly would cause me any misfortune, while zippers which are difficult to use are always a pain.


Claw Gear Aviceda can be worn as a lightweight fleece jacket, and should do its job fine as long as it doesn’t get too cold. The question is, however, whether Aviceda is worth buying despite its rather high price and multiple issues? Unfortunately, in our opinion the answer is no. For the same money you can get better fleece jackets both from outdoor and tactical brands, while still saving some money.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Claw Gear Aviceda fleece jacket goes to the manufacturer, Claw Gear!

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