Fenix HL60R – Review

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Durable headlamp with a versatile set of modes, red LEDs, and micro USB charging? This is Fenix HL60R.

The body of Fenix HL60R is made out of aluminium alloy covered n a black coating. The torch is rated IP-X8 for water resistance that includes submersion down to 2m below water surface for 1h. The manufacturer also claims that the torch shall withstand a fall from the height of at least 1m (and from our experience, even 2 meters should be just fine).

Fenix HL60R can be carried on a set of elastic straps which connect to its main body using a plastic mount. An additional strap going over your head rovides an extra level of stabilisation. In the newest version of the torch, the strap has the dark blue and orange colours known from the newer Fenix models (eg. Fenix HL40R), which replaced the grey-ish colour scheme used previously (eg. in Fenix HL35).

Fenix HL60R is powered by a single rechargeable 18650 Li-ion cell. The set includes a 2600mAh cell with Fenix brandings. The headlamp can be charged using a micro USB port protected by a rubber cap, located next to the switch.

Fenixa HL60R can be operated using a textured silicone switch located on the left side of its body. Placing the switch in slightly recessed location decreases a risk of the torch switching on accidentally.

Pressing and holding the switch will turn on the last used mode. Any subsequent pressing of the switch will result in switching the mode to the next one in the following order: Eco (5lm / 100h) → Low (50lm / 29h) → Med (150lm / 10h) → High (400lm / 3h) → Turbo (950lm / 48min) → Red → Eco. Pressing and holding the switch when the torch is on will turn it off.

Our thoughts

Fenix HL60R is a solid and durable torch which will do its job even in the more challenging environments, During the testing that preceded writing of this review I spent over half a year using Fenix HL60R as my main headlamp for caving. In the course of countless explores the torch withstood countless times that it hit the rocks, had contact with pouring water or been covered in mud and dust. Despite all these challenges, Fenix HL60R still works as well as it should.

The available modes offer a good level of flexibility and the LED used provides a nice, neutral white coloured light beam. At the same time, however, having used Armytek Wizard Pro for a long time before I began using Fenix, I kept missing a wider light beam and wider range of modes (including some extra modes in between Eco and Low and Low and Mid).

The possibility to charge the torch using a regular Micro USB cable is very convenient and works very well. Another notable and useful feature are the reflective markings on the straps, which can be particularly valuable when you’re walking close to any roads at night.


Fenix HL60R is a good and durable torch, which works wthout any problems in challenging environments and offers a good degree of flexibility in an appropriate price. At the same time, despite all the strengths of HL60R, I have found myself switching back to Armytek Wizard after the testing of Fenix was finished. Having said that, if you decided to use Fenix HL60R, you will still be very happy with its perfromance.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Fenix HL60R headlamp goes to the manufacturer, Fenix!

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