Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit – Review

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The problem with med kits is that they’re typically rather clunky and cumbersome, and as a result difficult to carry around. Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit, in turn, is compact, while also making it possible to conveniently store the most essential first aid equipment.

The Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit is made out of a red nylon fabrice – this isn’t Cordura, but it’s still durable enough. The puch is also available in black, green, grey and brown colours.

Mini Med Kit can be opened using a two way, reversed YKK zipper. The zipper features pullers made of cord and rubbery tubes, which provide a good grip and make it easy to use the pouch.

Inside the Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit there are two mesh pockets closed with YKK zippers. Inside you can nicely fit the most essential wound dressings, gloves and etc. for one person.

On the back of the med kit there is a set of two MOLLE/PALS compatible straps.

On top and bottom the manufacturer has also placed two small handles.

On the front of the Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit there is also a big velcro panel and a reflective paramedic’s cross.

Our Thoughts

Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit works well as a handy med kit for all sorts of trips, excursions, etc. Inside you can easily fit the most essential first aid equipment – some wound dressings, bandages, space blanket, saline, gloves. Together with the compact size, this means that wherever you go, you can easily bring this med kit with you ‘just in case’, on the bottom of your backpack.

The Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit is also well made and bears no notable signs of damage or wear. Another thing worth mentioning is that the red version of Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit actually looks like a first aid kit, and if during some emergency you ask another person to bring you the med kit they’ll have no problem with finding the right pouch.


Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit is small, but at the same time it can fit the most essential gear you’ll need . As a result, the Mini Med Kit is versatile and you can easily carry it with you ‘just in case’.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit goes to the Predathor shop!

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