Helikon-Tex Pocket Med Insert Review

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We have already reviewed several med kits and pouches, however, unlike Helikon-Tex Pocket Med Insert, none of them was designed specifically to be carried in a pocket of your trousers.

Helikon-Tex Pocket Med Insert is made of a shadow grey Cordura 500. It is also available in black, olive/adaptive green, and coyote brown. Pocket Med Insert’s dimensions are 15×11.5x4cm and the empty pouch weighs 91g.

Pocket Med Insert has a folding, wallet like design – after opening the velcro it unfolds revealing two sets of organisers for your gear.

Inside of the Med Insert, the manufacturer has placed a set of pockets and slots of varied size, which should fit some most essential first aid equipment.

On the back of the med kit there is a slot for trauma shears, which can be then secured with a piece of velcro.

Front of the Pocket Med Insert features a transparent slot for contact details/ICE card, as well as a pocket for gloves and a reflective paramedic cross.

On the top of the med kit there is a comfortable handle made out of paracord and a rubbery tube.

Our thoughts

Helikon-Tex Pocket Med Insert is a well made and well designed piece of gear. At the same time, having used it, you’d surely notice that it is also a very niche type of a pouch, and might be simply unsuitable for the typical outdoor or EDC uses. Pocket Med Insert is designed in such a way that only a very limited number of items can be fit inside, and as a result in most situations you’d still want to have a more full-size med kit at hand. Of course, with a little thought you could surely fit quite a lot into the Pocket Med Insert, but at the same time it might make it rather uncomfortable to carry around in your pockets. And if you were to carry it in your waistpack or backpack, then why wouldn’t you just use a bigger med kit to begin with?


If what you need is a med kit designed specifically for carrying inside of your trousers pockets, then Helikon-Tex Pocket Med Insert should be what you need. However, if you’re after a med kit that you can have at hand every day or during trips, and it doesn’t need to fit in your pocket, then it might be a better idea to choose some other, normal-sized med kit, which will allow you to take all the equipment you actually need.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit goes to the Predathor shop!

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