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Despite their great utility, most tactical waistpacks are struggling with a definitely military-ous appearance that in the eyes of most people disqualifies them in urban environment. Helikon-Tex Possum waistpack responds to this problem by providing tactical functionality in a fairly ‘civilised’ form.


Helikon-Tex Possum has a slightly curved shape typical to more “civilian” waist packs. The main fabric is Cordura® 500D nylon, however it’s a bit of a shame that it has not been coated with an additional layer of DWR, to prevent water (for eg. during a rain) from being absorbed almost immediately.


The Helikon-Tex Possum waistpack was equipped with a set of inverted YKK zippers, to which paracord handles were attached in order to facilitate smooth opening and closing.


The front of the Helikon-Tex Possum waist pack features a soft velcro panel, which allows for attaching of all sorts of morale patches and insignia. Just behind it manufacturer placed a flat but surprisingly spacious pocket closed with a zipper. As I keep there my small first aid kit, I decided to replace the grey Paracord handle with a red one to make it easier to identify the right pocket.


At the back of the Helikon-Tex Possum there is another pocket, which is smaller than the front one. It allows you to carry flat objects or those that you simply don’t want to be visible when you open the main compartment.


Inside of the Helikon-Tex Possum waistpack we can find an organizer consisting of a large compartment, two smaller ones and five rubber cells. This gives us quite a large range of possibilities for storing equipment. It is also worth mentioning that just above the organizer the manufacturer placed a paracord loop that allows you to secure keys or other equipment.

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A small mesh pocket with a zipper closure is placed on the opposite side. Due to its rather flat construction it is possible to carry in it just a few things.


The Helikon-Tex Possum pack can be carried thanks to a 25mm webbing strap attached using a repair buckle and a special “hook”. Thanks to such a solution if unused, the webbing can be removed easily. Length adjustment is possible thanks to the plastic regulator to which the excess of the strap was sewn. A notable advantage of this solution is a hassle-free adjustment of the tape length even when carrying the HTX Possum. However,the disadvantage is that it still limits the range of possible adjustment.

The carrier strap of Helikon-Tex Possum is connected to the pack in the form of “wings”, which, like the Survivaltech Mod 02 waist pack can be hidden when the Possum is used as a pouch. In addition to improving pack’s stability, the “wings” also have two MOLLE cells, making it possible to attach additional equipment or pockets.

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Our thoughts on Helikon-Tex Possum tactical waist pack

When I first unpacked it the Helikon-Tex Possum seemed almost delicate I was delighted to see nicely finished edges, rims in appropriate places and no protruding threads. The first impression is important, but not the most important, so immediately after the initial examination I packed all my gear into the waistpack.

First aid kit, flashlight, multitool, keys, wallet, lighter, headphones – everything seemed to have its place. While using Helikon-Tex Possum, I managed to work out a layout of things so that every time I reached inside the pack I knew what and where I will find.

As I mentioned earlier, the front pocket with a red paracord puller was used as a place for the basic first aid kit: military dressing, gloves, CPR mask and several patches. What impressed me positively was the good access to the contents of this pocket achieved by the combination of adequate size and smoothly working YKK zipper.

The main pocket opens wide enough to allow comfortable acces, but at the same time we don’t have to worry about any equipment falling to the ground. The mesh pocket turned out to be a perfect place to put the headphones so that they would have no contact with the sharp edges of other objects.

In the organizer on the other side of the Helikon-Tex Possum waistpack I put the rest of things:

  • in a large flat pocket on the side of the body – a wallet or sometimes a Rite in the Rain notebook
  • in two smaller pockets – handkerchiefs, and in the other Powerbank
  • The flexible cells included a multitool, flashlight, lighter wrapped with DuctTap and something to write

The hidden pocket closest to my body wasn’t somethin I would use every day, but when I went to Ukraine in the summer it turned out to be a perfect place to hide a passport with a small supply of cash.

The carrier system of Helikon-Tex Possum is simple – it does not have any unnecessary elements, but still works great. The presence of the “wings” makes the waistpack stable on the waist and prevents it from jumping while walking. Strap regulation works as it should – there is no need to remove the pack to slightly tighten or loosen the webbing.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the insufficient scope of regulation, which is a bit insufficient for lean people. The excess of the carrier strap, which can not be adjusted due to the stitching of the tip, makes it so that when one wears less clothes (for eg, during summer) the Helikon-Tex Possum will have a tendency to easily move sideways.


The main advantage of the Helikon-Tex Possum are the appropriate size and low-profile design ensuring a civilian look. These qualities make Possum very comfortable in the city, and in conjunction with the well designed organizer, made Helikon’s waistpack work well on many trips, too. What would benefit from a bit of improvement is the carrier strap – sewing its end to the plastic element definitely simplifies the length adjustment, but at the same time makes the pack not so friendly for slimmer users. Still, at this price Helikon-Tex Possum is a very good option.

Special thanks to e-military.eu for giving us a chance to review the Helikon-Tex Possum Waistpack!



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