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On our site you may find reviews of multiple waist packs from different manufacturers; among them there are larger and smaller products, tactical and more low-profile ones, it might seem that there’s nothing that would surprise us… However, Husar Cubby +, a combination of a waist pack with admin panel manufactured by the Polish company Husar, turned out to be a real astonishment. What contributed to this impression was a variety of useful elements and something I totally did not expect…

But more about that later, firstly let us have a look at the Cubby’s construction :


Husar Cubby is made entirely out of Cordura® 500 d nylon; all buckles were produced by ITW Nexus, while other hardware comes from Duraflex.


YKK® zippers used in the waist pack were additionally equipped with Paracord pullers for firm grip.


Husar’s Cubby has a shape of a cuboid with dimensions 22 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm. The main compartment is closed with a two way, inverted zipper. Excessive opening is prevented by two flexible tapes sewn on the sides of the pack.

Main Compartment

The main compartment features a wide nylon pocket on which two elastic partitions were sewn. The pocket itself is perfect for carrying flat items – wallet, documetns, etc. – but objects placed in the webbing will move quite lossely due to its size.

Above the pocket you can also find a D-ring for securing gear and a Hypalon tag with information about a production date, size, pack’s number etc.

On the opposite side there is an organizer made of elastic webbing sewn in three vertical rows, forming a set of nine cells.

External Pocket

Another compartment is located on a front of Husar’s Cubby. It is a flat pocket closed with Velcro or with included zipper insert. Normally I use it to carry a small first aid kit and repair kit. What is worth noting, even through the pocket itself is full, the space available in main compartment isn’t influenced.

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The waist pack was also equipped with a Velcro (loop) panel for carrying morale patches, and 4 elastic loops for carrying pens, markers or lightsticks.


The bottom of the Cubby contains a drainage hole and a shockcord system for compression and carrying items like, for example, work gloves.


Husar’s Cubby can be carried using a belt made of 25 mm wide nylon (poliamide) tape. It is mounted using two slik clips which can attached to four loops (two on the back and two on the top) according to users preference. Interestingly, the belt features two buckles so that removing of the pack is even easier.


On the back of the Cubby two straps made of Hypalon were located, making the waist pack MOLLE compatible. Thanks to the flexibility and strength of the material they perform well in this role, and what’s important, they don’t stick out as much as typical straps.

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Our thoughts

Husar Cubby arrives in a nice cardboard box with the Husar’s logo. In addition to the pack, the package includes two stickers with brand’s logo, a business card and a tag with information about the used materials and a three-year warranty. Thanks to these additions, even before I picked up the Cubby, I had an impression of contacting a piece of unique and refined gear.

The first moments with Cubby only reassured me of this feeling – excellent materials, outstanding quality, and subtle company logos burned with laser on Hypalon elements. It all made feel as if dealing with something exceptional.

This infatuation did not last long, it was gone the moment I decided to pack my things.

Trying to fit my gear into the Cubby I realized that I have a problem with putting stuff in the Organizer. There wasn’t enough space for both my multitool (Leatherman Charge) and flashlight (Armytek Prime A1). Well, I was able to put one of them into the segments on the middle level, but the second of them couldn’t be fit elsewhere (so that both items can be drawn without any problems). What’s more, after I packed other gear into the Husars’ waist pack, it turned out that access to things in the lowest cells was very difficult. I also ran out of space to carry a set of Leatherman bits. It definitely wasn’t what I expected…

Nor did I expect that, despite the initial troubles, I will enjoy using Husar’s Cubby so much!

Finally, in the Organizer I stored only the multitool (Center) and a marker/lighter (top), the rest of the gear I carried loose, and miscallaneus stuff landed with wallet in the nylon pocket.

After finding the optimal configuration of equipment I could focus on wearing Cubby and the longer I did it, the more I have I appreciate it’s design (aside from the organizer). The Husars’ pack features a number of solutions, which I found particularly useful – the tape with two buckles, Hypalon straps and a front pocket with a very comfortable opening.

Husar Cubby (+) proved to be a very comfortable and well designed waist pack. Among its qualities are great materials combined with excellent quality, various solutions and attention to detail paid by the manufacturer – such as double seam on the main compartment’s zipper. The only flaw I managed to find was the issue of organizer; if the webbing was sewn horizontally, the Cubby would be a perfect waist pack.


+ Quality of craft!

+ Materials!

+ Comfort of use!

+ Visible care for the product!

+ Hypalon straps

+ Carrying strap’s attachment


– Organiser is not as functional as it could be






~ Jawor

Special thanks to the manufacturer, Husar, for providing us with a possibility of testing and reviewing Cubby pack!

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