Lesovik Groza Solo – Review

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There are those trips when sleeping under a tarp in a hammock simply wouldn’t work, and taking a tent would be just too cumbersome. Polish company Lesovik offers a solution to this challenge with it’s ultralight tarp Groza Solo, tailored to the needs of those who need a compact and flexible shelter.

Groza Solo is made out of a thin, yet durable, silnylon micro ripstop fabric. Together with other design decisions (eg. hypalon loops) make this tarp exceptionally light – Groza Solo weighs just 300g. The tarp is available in two colours – Crocodile (green) and Chili (high visibility orange).

The Lesovik’s tarp has a shape of a trapeze with the dimensions of 260x260x160cm. The top of the Groza Solo was additionally strengthened with a piece of webbing, as long as the tarp itself.

The seams on the webbing were additionally taped to prevent any rain and etc. form getting through.

Setting up the tarp requires two trekking sticks (or regular, wooden, sticks if their shape is right) to serve as poles, and to be inserted into plastic D-rings with guy ropes in the middle of the tarp’s front and back walls.

The guy ropes of the Lesovik Groza Solo Tarp can be adjusted using a self locking piece of hardware, which can be adjusted only when it is in a specific position – otherwise it will hold the rope firmly and prevent any movement.

The sides of Lesovik Groza Solo feature 4 hypalon loops for fastening the tarp to the ground and ensuring the fabric keeps the right shape. The corners of Groza Solo additionally feature plastic D-rings. The set, however, doesn’t include any stakes or pegs, which can be bought separately in the Lesovik store or just taken from any other source. Alternatively, you can also make a nice set of woodenstakes whenever you set up the tarp – a solution we typically preferred, and which the hypalon loops survived without any harm.

Our thoughts

After a long testing in a variety of conditions – ranging from bivouacs in snowy mountains to summer trips in a sunny weather – I must say that Lesovik Groza Solo is simply exceptional.

The size of a set up Groza Solo is perfect for one person, even with a large backpack. Inside you can also fit in two people, however (and understandably) it will be a bit less spacious.

A good choice of size, together with well chosen materials have allowed to achieve a very low weight of just 300g. On the other hand, you should remember that you should add to this the wight of any poles and stakes you might be using. Also, it is worth mentioning that once packed, Groza Solo takes a very small amount of space.

Groza Solo features a workmanship of high quality – it is made out of the right materials and the seams are straight

At the end, it is worth mentioning that compared to tents Groza Solo doesn’t offer the same level of protection against elements, doesn’t improve the thermal comfort so well and offers considerably less privacy. This, however, isn’t a problem with Lesovik Groza Solo, but rather a difference between tarps and tents – and here, in return, you get a considerably lower weight, smaller size and way shorter drying time if your shelter gets soaked.


Lesovik Groza Solo has proven to be a truly versatile and useful peace of kit. During many trips in a wide range of circumstances and environments it worked very well as a shelter for a single person or even two people. A great design, compact size and low weight make this tarp a perfect companion for an adventurer.

It is possible that Groza Solo will undergo some changes in the future – eg. the tape at the top might be removed, and the shape and number of hypalon holes might further change. However, given our experience with this tarp it seems unlikely that any of those changes will have any impact on the tarp’s performance

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Groza Solo tarp goes to the manufacturer, Lesovik!

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