Lesovik Groza UL Tarp – Review

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Sleeping in a hammock is pretty great. You don’t need to worry about uneven ground, and can focus on simply enjoying swinging steadily at a relaxing pace. However, what happens if it snows, rains or the weather decides to otherwise go crazy? Well, that’s when you also need a tarp, a piece of fabric that will provide you with roof and protect from elements. One of the more remarkable company is the Lesovik Groza UL tarp, which is a full sized tarp weighing only 450 grams!

The Lesovik Groza UL tarp manages to achieve this weight by being made of well assorted, high quality material, such as silnylon microripstop fabric and laser-cut hypalon. Main fabric is durable and resistant to wear – despite several months of use it shows no signs of damage, tears, etc.

The tested Groza UL tarp is made of a green fabric, called ‘crocodile’ manufacturer and which is close to the adaptive green. As a result, the tarp blends well into the surrounding in the vast majority of situations.

The dimensions of Lesovik Groza UL tarp are 300x300cm, which means that it will have no problem with protecting a person hammocking beneath and their belongings from any rainfall. Alternatively, the tarp can be also set up on the ground, as a small tent, inside of which two people will fit easily with their backpacks.

The top of the tarp was reinforced with a piece of webbing, which takes some of the strain away from the main fabric. The seams were taped, to ensure that there are no leaks.

The Lesovik Groza UL features 11 loops made of hypalon – three at the front, three at the back, 4 on the sides and one extra loop at the center of the tarp.

The central and corner (front and back) loops were equipped with guy ropes, with additional hardware that makes it possible to adjust the length of the ropes and make it easy to ensure that Lesovik Groza UL is set up properly at all times.

The further loops, in turn, allow further weaking of the tarp once it’s set up. However, in most circumstances, Groza UL will work just fine using only the loops with guy ropes.

The tarp fits nicely in the bag provided by the manufacturer.

Our thoughts

A while ago we published a review of the smaller of Lesovik’s tarp’s – Groza Solo. Lesovik Groza UL features most of its advantages including low weight (‘UL’ in the name isn’t just a marketing gimmick), compact size and high-quality build.

At the same time, the size of Groza UL means that it works very well for hammocking, and together with the Lesovik’s own Ultralight Hammock UL Groza Ul makes a great set for comfortable bivouacking with minimal weight.

Similarly to the previously reviewed gear from Lesovik, Groza UL tarp stands out also in respect of the comfort of use resulting from a well thought-through design.

This is in particular thanks to the suspension system – in a ‘typical’ tarp, you would need to play around with ropes and knots each time you wanted to make any adjustments. Here, in Lesovik Groza UL, all you need to do is to simply pull a piece of cord hanging next to one of the loops.

Another advantage of Lesovik Groza UL tarp is its versatility – when it’s set up properly it will work in summer, winter, rain, snow or wind. What’s more, if you wouldn’t be able to find trees in your destination, the Groza UL can be also set up using a pair of trekking sticks (or regular, wooden, sticks). On the manufacturer’s website you can also find a comprehensive guide on all the different ways to use and set up a tarp like Groza.


Extremely low weight, compact dimensions when packed, high quality build and very high comfort of use – these traits were present in the previously reviewed Lesovik equipment and Lesovik Groza UL tarp is no different. Groza UL tarp simply performs very well and if you need a tarp which is a lightweight and compact as basically possible, and which will work even in demanding conditions Lesovik Groza UL will be the right choice. (Also, since the tarps are made in Poland you’ll be supporitng a local, independent, European manufacturer!)

We were notified that in the meantime, the manufacturer slightly changed the shape of the side loops – given our experience with Groza UL, this change shouldn’t have any impact on the validity of the points made in this review! It is also great to see manufacturers constantly tweaking and upgrading their products to make them even better!

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Groza Solo tarp goes to the manufacturer, Lesovik!

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