Lesovik Ultralight Hammock UL Review

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There’s no better thing than a night in the outdoors, right? After a day full of adventures, you lay down to rest under the sky full of stars, when suddenly you realise there’s a pine cone underneath your mat. Not the most comfortable situation, right? Guess there’s no other option than to get up and get rid of it… But once you do, you realise that the seemingly level ground is actually uneven and it’s time to start the midnight gymnastics searching for a comfortable position… That’s a pretty common scenario when spending a night outdoors – but as systemaitcally proven by a Polish company Lesovik, things can be different! This time, we take a look at the Ultralight hammock by Lesovik, which offers comfortable sleep in a compact and lightweight package!

Ultralight Hammock by Lesovik is made of a silnylon microripstop fabric available in two colours – crocodile (green) and chili (bright orange). The fabric is lightweight, while also durable and resistant. This is obviously within reason, a stretched fabric shouldn’t come into contact with any spikes or sharp edges.

The dimensions of the Lesovik Ultralight Hammock are 300x145cm, which means that it will feet perfectly people up to 2 meters high.

Included with the Ultralight Hammock is Lesovik’s SMUK UL hammock suspension system. SMUK UL includes two whoppie slingsmade of dyneema cord, a pair of tree hugger webbing pieces and two aluminium toggles. We have also received two aluminium carabiners with Lesovik’s branding, which are a part of the regular SMUK system, and aren’t included in it’s UL version.

For those who never slept in an outdoor hammock, this system might seem a bit weird counterintuitive at first glance. However, after you use it in the real world setting, it’s easy to get a grip and setting up a hammock with Lesovik SMUK Ultralight becomes intuitive and much easier than the ‘traditional’ way where you just use two pieces of rope.

Whoopie slings are made out of Dyneema cord, made to withstand 660kg of static load. Additional plastic elements ensure that the slings can’t be tightened too far, or pulled out of the loop.

Next piece of the Lesovik SMUK UL suspension system is poliester webbing, similar to the one you might find in car’s seat belts, which acts as tree huggers. When wrapped around a tree, the webbing provides a solid anchor point from which the hammock can be suspended, while also ensuring the trees suffer no damage.

The last part of the SMUK UL is a set of two aluminium toggles, which are inserted into the loops at the end of tree huggers, and over which the loop at the end of the whoopie slings is then put.

The whole set, Lesovik Ultralight Hammock and SMUK UL suspension system, weighs just 320g and fits into a bag provided by the manufacturer.

Our thoughts

In Central-European area and climate, the hammocks are typicallly associated with summer chill, resting in a park and holidays at the beach. Lesovik, however, proves that a hammock can be a piece of reliable and useful outdoor equipment, fit for challenging conditions. This is no different for the Lesovik Ultralight Hammock, which (together with Groza UL tarp and Otul underquilt) performed equally well during winter bivouacking in the middle of mountains and during summer adventures.

As suggested by the name, one of the main advantages of the Lesovik Ultralight Hammock is its low weight and compact size. These were achieved through a careful assortment of quality materials, such as Dyneema cord. Despite being used in a varioety of challenging environments, the hammock shows no notable signs of use, scratches or other damage. The only damage to the whole set that appeared is a small tear in the fabric of the bag on a seam, just next to the cord used to close it (the manufacturer undertook to resolve this issue).

At the same time, the well tohught out design means that the Ultralight Hammock from Lesovik is very easy to use. This is to a large extent thanks to the very well designed suspension system, which is significantly better than the traditional ropes. Setting up the hammock literally takes no time at all, and you can make any necessary adjustments with a signle pull of a rope on one of the whoopie slings.

What is also remarkable is the manufacturer’s care for the users of Lesovik products. The suspension system includes a detailed manual which clearly shows the optimal way to use the suspension system, and on the Lesovik website you’ll find a comprehensive guide with all the hammocking information you might ever need!

One thing to pay attention to is a small risk of the aluminium toggle sliding out of the loop at the end of the tree hugger webbing. The main rule to remember, is that the toggle should go only through one of the loops rather than both – a mistake I accidentally made a few times myself. According to the manufacturer, if the toggle is put through both loops, the slight motions of the hammock could lead to it sliding out in an unlikely situation.

Luckily, despite a mistake on my side, I didn’t experience this type of a problem. Another situation where there is a risk of the toggle sliding out are movements of an empty hammock – when there is no weight, the suspension system can move more freely creating a risk of the toggle pointing downwards and falling out. Fortunately, it isn’t a major concern, but just a thing worth remembering about and preventing by eg. putting an item or two into the empty hammock. Alternatively, you could also use a pair of carabiners instead of toggles (as it is the case in the standard version of Lesovik SMUK) – a solution which will guarantee a maximum level of safety and despite slightly increased weight is also a bit easier to use

When deciding to use the Lesovik Ultralight Hammock, one should also remember that it won’t really work in places without trees or other suspension points (think eg. desert). Additionally, in case of a more challenging weather it won’t offer and equal protection from elements to a tent, and a hammock might require using it alongside a tarp (like Groza UL) and underquilt (eg. Otul). On the other hand, once you make sure you’re prepared for hammocking in the conditions you’ll face, you will no longer need to worry about uneven ground and the time necessary to set up your shelter will be considerably decreased. Not to mention the comfortable sleep afterwards…


Do outdoor hammocks make sense? Absolutely! The Lesovik Ultralight Hammock acts as a perfect example to confirm this. Great design, quality materials and a very high comfort of use make this hammock a perfect companion on all excurisons, trips and bivouacks – especially when the weight and size of your luggage matters.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Groza Solo tarp goes to the manufacturer, Lesovik!

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