Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Carbon

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Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Carbon is a thicker version of the popular Mora Companion produced by Morakniv. A Scandinavian knife, made from modern materials and available for a reasonable price – it is no wonder then, that the “Mora” has earned itself a popularity.


The blade of the Mora Companion HD is ~3mm thick (the regular Mora Companion has a 2mm thick blade). It was made from C100 carbon steel with a hardness of 59-60HRC, thanks to which it retains sharpness decently.

Carbon steel, however, has a certain trait – it is susceptible to corrosion. It means, that an uncared knife will become covered with a rust losing its good look (and in the long run part of its utility). In case of my Mora this problem was solved by wiping it with sand or some woodwork. Corrosion can be prevented by placing the knife in vinegar – the blade will be covered with a layer, which will protect it from rusting and give it a more interesting look.


The handle of the Mora Companion is made from plastic covered with textured rubber. It ensures a solid grip allowing for a seamless use. Initially, it had a feeling of unpleasant stickiness, but this effect disappeared with use.


Included with the knife is a plastic sheath. It has a hook for attaching it to a belt and an opening in the lower part, which makes it possible for water and dirt to fall outside. The sheath holds the knife decently, the chances for Mora falling out by itself are small, and at the same time the knife can be drawn out without any problems. It isn’t the same as a Kydex sheath of course, but the price is different as well.

Our thoughts

Mora Companion Heavy Duty is a very comfortable and well-made knife, which in this price range (below 30$) is one of the best options available on the market. The only problem which appeared in my model within the last few years was the sheath loosening, but it still holds the knife firmly enough.

Another matter is the size of the knife, a 10-centimetre blade can turn out to be too small for heavier work (e.g. for battoning a knife with a longer and heavier blade will be better). On the other hand, this size provides Mora Companion HD with versatility and precision indispensable to a knife from this category.

The last thing to remember is that a blade made of carbon steel requires additional care – otherwise the knife will corrode and loose its utility. In regards to kitchen work a Mora made from the stainless steel would be a better choice, as it is more resistant to contact with sour ingredients and won’t leave a metallic taste in the food.


Mora Companion Heavy Duty combines reliability (unless it corrodes), utility and a great price to quality ratio. If it is used mindfully and care is given to the blade this knife should deal with nearly any task. I think that it can be confidently recommended to people who look for a good, but inexpensive tool which will last for at least a few years.



  1. Hello, I want to bring a correction , to your article .
    Concerning the hardness , i tested 2 of this knives, and neither exceeded 56 HRC , still long way until 59.

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