Olight M2T Warrior – Review

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In some situations, even the most versatile torches might prove insufficient due to inadequate amount of light. In those circumstances, a thrower like Olight M2T Warriot is all you need.

The torch is made out of aluminium, covered with a black coating. The layer is durable, but it still has some scratches resulting form the torch falling on hard surfaces. The manufacturer states that M2T is resistant to falls from heights up to 1.5m, and the torch has indeed survived those without any actual damage. Olight M2T is also waterproof, as confirmed by the IP-X8 rating, which equals short submersion to the depth of 2m.

The surface of the torch is covered in a texture that provides improved grip even in the more demanding conditions.

Olight M2T features a CREE XHP35 LED with a cold light and a maximum output of 1200 lumens. Next to the LED, the manufacturer has placed the ‘orange peel’ reflector, which results in a smooth transition of the light from the centre of the spot to the sides.

The available modes are:

  • 1200 lumen (3 min, then 600lm for 130 min)
  • 600 lumen (2h 20 min)
  • 250 lumen (6h 15 min)
  • 60 lumen (20h)
  • 15 lumen (70h)
  • 1 lumen (50 days)

Olight M2T features two switches. The first one is made of rubber/silicone and is located on the side of the torch. A single click will turn on the last mode used, double click will switch to max mode, and triple click turns on the strobe. Once the torch is on, mode can be change by pressing and holding the switch. Pressing and holding the switch when the torch is off will lock Olight M2T and prevent it from accidentally switching on.

Inside of the side switch, the manufacturer has also placed a small red LED, which indicates when the torch is locked and pulses when the battery level is low.

Second switch is placed on the tail of the torch. It is made of textured rubber, quite large (fits nicely underneath the thumb) and makes almost no sound when pressed. When pressed lightly, the turbo mode will be switch on for as long as the button remains pressed. When the switch is pressed all the way down, until a click can be felt, the torch will turn on and remain in the turbo mode. Pressing all the way and holding the button, in turn, will turn on the strobe. Unfortunately, the tail switch doesn’t allow for switching the modes or unlocking the torch.

The tail cap features an eylet for lanyard, while its sides are densely textured to allow easy opening of the torch.

Olight M2T Warrior is powered by a single 18650 cell or two CR123 batteries. Together with the torch, the manufacturer provides two single use CR123 batteries with a plastic conatiner.

Olight M2T can be also carried using ablack, two way pocket clip.

Our thoughts

Olight M2T is a well made and well designed torch, which proves useful in the real world applications. The assortment of modes provides a degree of versatility suitable for various locations and scenarios, and while 1200 lumens isn’t a super high amount, given the rather focused beam, it is still enough to cast some strong light to shine some strong light around.

What a manufacturer should include with Olight M2T is a proper 18650 rechargeable cell, which would be simply more useful than the single-use CR123s. It would be also useful if the torch featured a suitably protected micro USB / USB C charging port, which would anable charging M2T using a phone charger. On the other hand, however, this is not a major flaw and it also makes it possible to keep the price of the torch down and on a very reasonable level of ~$45.


Olight M2T is a quite versatile torch, although given it’s dimensions you probably won’t enjoy carrying it daily in a pocket of your trousers. Well made and with the amount of light allowing powerful bursts it works a good thrower.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Olights M2T Warrior goes to the Polish distribution of Olight torches – Militaria.pl!

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