Olight S1 Mini Baton HCRI

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Little torch with a lot of power, which is also easy to carry around? Say hi to Olight S1 Mini Baton.

Body of the torch is made out of aluminium, covered in a black layer of coating. The layer is durable – despite having carried Olight S1 in my pocket together with other items, the torch bears only minor signs of wear. The only visible damage to the external surface are two scratches, which resulted from the torch falling on hard surfaces. A textured pattern on the surface imporves the grip, while the use of orings led to S1 Mini Baton meeting the requirements for the IP-X8 waterproof rating.

The torch itself weighs just 43g (together with the battery), and its dimensions are 54 x 21 x 21 mm.

Inside of Olight S1 Mini Baton the manufacturer has placed a Cree XP-G3 CW LED, meant to have a warmer light with a temperature of 5500K. Unfortunately, in practice the light has a less pleasant, rotten-yellow colour, which is very far away eg. from a pleasant shade of the Armytek Tiara C1. The max output of the torch is 450 lumens, while the light’s CRI equals 90. This should mean that Olight S1 Mini Baton has a more accurate colour rendering (closer to how colours look in the sun). However, in the typical real life applications, the difference compared to other torches (which don’t make any CRI claims) is negligible, and the weird colour of light further decreases the colour accuracy. Olight S1 Mini Baton is also available with a colder light temperature and 600 lumens of output.

The available modes are:

  • 450lm (1min, then 250 lm for 55 min)
  • 250 lm (1 h)
  • 50 lm (6 h)
  • 12 lm (30 h)
  • 0,5 lm (moon, 360 h)
  • 10 Hz strobe

Modes can be changed using a comfortable silicone switch. At the start it is black coloured, but after having carried the torch around for a few months the colour has rubbed off and the switch now has a semi-transparent, white colour. Inside the switch the manufacturer has placed a red LED which acts as a low battery indicator and signals when the torch is locked.

The operation of the torch is simple and intuitive. A single click switches it on and off. Holding the switch when the torch is on will change the mode. Holding the switch when the torch is off will lock/unlock it. Double click puts on the max mode and triple click turn on the strobe.

Olight S1 Mini Baton is powered by a RCR123A 650mAh rechargeable battery (included in the set). The battery features a micro USB port, which allows charging it using a typical phone charger instead of some special magnetic charger, docking station, etc.

Olight S1 Mini Baotn features a black pocket clip, which can be used to carry the torch tip up / bottom up.

On the back of the torch there is also a small magnet, which isn’t particularly strong.

Our thoughts

Compact size, low weight and a good selection of modes make Olight S1 Mini Baton a perfect torch for every day carry. It’s a shame that the black colour has rubbed off the switch, however, (except for the scratches resulting from falls) the torch is still in a great condition given it’s daily use.

At the same time, not everything is ideal. With time, at the very centre of the Olight’s light spot, there started to appear a black spot, which kept increasing its surface and some further abberations appeared. I have no idea what’s the source of this problem, but luckily, this doesn’t have a significant impact on the S1’s operation, which is still capable of illuminating the way, surroundings, etc.


Another issue is the unrealiable lock. There were numerous times when locked S1 Mini Baton unlocked completely on it’s own in my backpocket, turned on, and kept draining the battery until I felt the heat or someone pointed out the light coming out of my pocket.

One final note on Olight S1 Mini Baton is how useful is the idea of a charging port and battery charging indicators on the battery itself!


Olight S1 Mini Baton became a part of my every day carry, and given how well it fulfils its duties this seems unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Small size, low weight and a good shape all make Olight S1 mini baton easy to carry around, while the selection of modes, charging options make it also easy to use. On the other hand, however, there are the issues with the unreliable locking mechanism and the light beam aberrations which simply shouldn’t take place, and make it impossible to fully recommend this torch. At the same time, despite these issues, I still haven’t found a torch as compact and with so much functionality, so Olight S1 Mini Baton will remain a companion of my daily endeavours – at least for a while.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test the Olights S1 Mini Baton goes to the Polish distribution of Olight torches – Militaria.pl!

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