Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II

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Summer, a beautiful sunny day. Clouds slowly slide through the distant horizon. In one word – a paradise. Not exactly, because you have to walk with a backpack stuck to your back. Who has never cursed the carried gear? The solution comes in a Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II backpack with a name which quite deliberately contains a word “Vent”…



Tasmanian tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II is made of black Cordura® 700D Nylon, it is also available in khaki, olive green, and coyote.


Sides and front of the TT Mission Pack Vent MK II backpack were covered in MOLLE/PALS compatible webbing, allowing attachment of pouches and other equipment.

At the top of the backpack there is an exit for hydration tubes or cables and a carrying handle.


On both sides of the Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II there are straps which enable some degree of compression. Unfortunately they are quite short what makes it impossible to use them to attach bigger items such as sleeping pads.

External pockets

On the outer side of the Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II backpack the manufacturer has placed two large external pockets, which are perfect for storing the frequently used gear.

Each of them contains a set of segments made of elastic tape, a plastic clip for carrying keys or securing other gear, and a mesh compartment closed with YKK® zipper. This is a simple set that allows convenient transport of both smaller items and larger equipment.

In addition, on both pockets there are small strips of Velcro (loops) for attaching morale patches or other insignia.

Main compartment

Same as external pockets, main compartment of Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II is closed with a thick zipper (without manufacturer markings) protected by an external Cordura® flap. What is worth noting, the zipper continues until the very bottom of the backpack, making packing and removing stuff quite comfortable.

Inside of the TT Mission Pack Vent MK II there is a small zippered (YKK®) pocket and a slot for hydration bladder.

In addition, on the sides of the main compartment there are 4 mesh pockets with elastic openings, which perform well in carrying various gear, eg. folding saw.

Load Bearing System

Back ventilation

Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II features an advanced load bearing system named X Vent Zero Plus. This complex construction provides exceptional air circulation when two fiberglass rods are adjusted with a system of straps to form a “tunnel”. Additional comfort is provided by two lumbar pads made of soft foam covered with mesh and a mesh net placed between the tapes (which are responsible for the system’s work).

In addition, inside the main compartment there is a pocket for a framesheet, made of a plastic panel with additional rods, which stiffens the whole structure.

Waist Belt

Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II was also equipped with a wide waist belt. Interestingly, it has been attached to the carrier system by successive fiberglass rods, so that it carries an additional part of the backpacks weight.

Shoulder straps

Each of the shoulder straps is padded with a combination of foam and mesh. Moreover, both of them have a quite complex system of regulation, sternum strap, and a D ring. It is important to mention the lack of a quick release system, which may be crucial for some users.

Our thoughts on Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II backapck

Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II is a large construction (32 l), in which you can easily fit gear for a few day excursion. During the tests carried during the warmer months I had the opportunity to appreciate the outstanding breathability of the load bearing system. X Vent Zero Plus offered me a comfort unmached by any “classic” ventilation system. The incredible convenience was also achieved by a very well designed profile of shoulder straps and lumbar padding. In simple words, carrying TT Mission Pack Vent MK II is a pleasure. What has also contributed to this positive impression was a cleverly designed set of external pockets and variety of other compartments allowing great gear-organization possibilities.

Unfortunately, all of these features also have a dark side – the Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II is definitely a large pack. Moreover, it’s quite heavy – 1.8 kilogram is a fairly sizable weight as for the capacity of 32 liters. On the other hand, I have no doubt that the overall comfort rewards these inconveniences.

However, there is one aspect which can’t be explained in any way – the quality of zippers used in main compartment (and external pockets) of Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II. In these places manufacturer decided to use zippers of an unknown manufacturer (and not, as in the internal pockets, YKK®). As a result, a puller on one of the zippers started to fall off after just a month of testing. Any attempts of fixing the problem by bending appropriate elements were pointless. On another day the handle got lost. It might seem that this isn’t an important issue, but the backpack in this price range should have parts of better quality. Something like that never happened to me while using any of the more than twice cheaper backpacks (be it from Helikon-Tex, Wisport or Janysport).


The Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II is a spacious and very comfortable backpack, with a load bearing system perfect for travelling in warmer weather. Wisely distributed pockets and compartments provide great opportunities for storing and organizing the inventory so that the most important gear can be always at hand. On the other hand, the construction would greatly benefit by using zippers of higher quality. Nevertheless, it’s still a good backpack, but just a little improvement would make significantly better.


+ Very comfortable!

+ Back ventilation

+ Spacious

+ External pockets


– Zippers!

– Big



We’d like to thank Tasmanian Tiger Poland for providing us with a possibility of testing Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack Vent MK II backpack!



  1. Thank you for the comprehensive review. But check again the model name: It’s the PETROL pack vent mk II, not the mission pack.

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