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Compact size and a characteristic, egg-like shape? It surely is the newest member of the valued Wisport Sparrow backpack family – the Wisport Sparrow Egg!

The main fabric of the Wisport Sparrow Egg backpack is a 500D Cordura. The backpack is available in a wide range of colours, which includes not only your typical black, various greens, browns, grey, but also a wide range of camouflage patterns, from such families as PenCott, Multicam, Kryptek or ATACS. The backpack has a capacity of 10l and weighs around 500g.

The contents of the backpack can be accessed using a zipper with Wisport brandings, protected witha small Cordura flap. The zipper reaches approximately half of the backpack’s height and provides good access to the top items inside the pack.

Inside the backpack there is a fabric compartment with an elastic edge (on the back side) and a zippered pocked (on the front).

On top of the Sparrow Egg backpack there is a simple handle made out of a poliamide webbing. Below the handle the manufacturer has located a port for hydration systems, which is protected with a Cordura flap that can be closed using velcro. On both sides of the handle there is a column of webbing slots that cen be used as attachment point for some additional gear. Keep in mind, however, that these are not MOLLE/PALS compatible, and given their orientation, using them as attachment points for pouches will likely be challenging.

Below, on the sides of the backpack there are pockets which are big enough to accomodate typical 0.5l water bottles.

The front of the Wisport Sparrow Egg backpack features an additional column of such attachment points, as well as a set of four plastic elements which hold in place some shockcord. It’s a good solution, as it allows you to carry eg. an extra jacket, for which there is no space inside of the backpack. However, in the default layout, the manufacturer has put the shockcord through the webbing loops in a way that makes it only more difficult to use it for carrying any gear around.

The carrying system of the pack is simple, which isn’t really surprising given the backpack’s size. The back and shoulder straps of the Wisport Sparrow Egg are padded using a soft and comfortable mesh, previously found on eg. Wisport Sparrow II backpack.

The shoulder straps feature are comfortable and feature a set of quick release buckles and mounts for hydration tubes.

The shoulder starps can be also connected using a chest strap. Below, in turn, the manufacturer has also placed two plastic elements which can be used to attach an additional strap, which, however, wasn’t included.

Our thoughts

Wisport Sparrow Egg is a nice little backpack. Well chosen of materials and good quality of workmanship mean that despite a longer use the backpack has no considerable signs of wear or any damage.

After initial shoulder strap adjustments, the backpack is also very comfortable. Provided that you don’t try to fit too many things inside Sparrow Egg should serve you well even on long distances, eg. if you decide to carry it for almost 24 hours when walking a 100km (literally, we tested that ourselves).

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the capacity of the Sparrow Egg is very limited. The newest Wisport backpack is simply small. For many applications this is, obviously, desirable. For other uses, though, the backpack might prove to be too small and attempting to squeeze all your belongings inside will simply make Sparrow Egg very uncomfortable to carry around. If you need a backpack that is not only small, but also versatile, it might be better to seek a slightly bigger alterative, for example Wisport Sparrow 20. This way you’ll get a pack that has compact size and low weight, but at the same time it will also have a higher capacity and easier access to your gear.


Wisport Sparrow Egg is a well designed and well made small backpack. If you need a pack of exactly this size, Sparrow Egg should be a good choice. Keep in mind, however, that it’s size might prove constraining at times, and Sparrow Egg might be too small on those days where you need to have some extra gear.

Special thanks for giving us a chance to test and review the Wisport Sparrow Egg backpack goes to the manufacturer, Wisport!


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