Wisport Yeti Military Gaiters

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You’ve just crossed a patch of snow and now you need to remove its remains before they melt inside of your shoe? Have you misjudged the depth of the puddle found on the trail and the water poured into your shoe from above? In the morning it was raining and after a short walk your trousers, socks and shoes are already covered in mud? Struggle no more, the solution to these problems comes in the form of gaiters – such as the Wisport Yeti Military produced by the Polish Wisport.


The main material of the Wisport Yeti gaiters is Cordura – in this case in the Polish WZ.93 camouflage. They are also available in black, green (various shades), brown, graphite, coyote, multicam and camouflages from ATACS and PenCott families.


Wisport Yeti Military are fastened using the front zipper. In order to prevent water penetration or damage, the zipper was additionally covered with velcro fastened flap and a single nap (at the bottom). Below, as usually, there is a hook allowing attachement of the gaiters to the shoelaces.

At the center and at the top, the manufacturer placed elastic cord which makes Wisport Yeti gaiters fit the leg more closely. The shockcord at the top can be also additionally regulated using a plastic element.

Under the shoe’s sole there is a piece of cord with Kevlar core covered by two braided sheaths (black on the outside and orange inside). The cord itself is attached to two metal eyelets – before first use it may be necessary to adjust it’s length to the shoe with a few knots.

Our thoughts on Wisport Yeti Military Gaiters

The L-sized Wisport Yeti gaiters I tested are quite high (40 cm), as a result they provide protection against stones, mud or wet / spiky vegetation not only on the shoe, but also to the bottom of the trouser legs. Of course, the disadvantage of this design is that despite its high strength, Cordura is a material that does not breathe, and in such quantities it is also quite weighty.

As far as the cords are concerned, both braids have worn out during the very first use. It isn’t really a surprise, as it took place during a few days’ long hike in the Icelandic volcanic desert with a ground that resembled surface of a coarse sandpaper. Since then, however, uncovered Kevlar hasn’t shown any notable signs of wear or damage. If, noentheless, the cord at some point breaks, the design of the Wisport Yeti Military gaiters will allow to repair with almost any piece of rope – a thing impossible with gaiters based on for eg. hypalon straps.

One problem, however, is that, despite the theoretical existence of Wisport Yeti Military gaiters in a wide range of sizes and colours, the number of combinations available for sale is much lower.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that putting the zipper in the front may require a bit of time to get used to (especially after using the gaiters fastened at the back). Such a solution also increases chances of water getting inside of the gaiter during passing through puddles, etc.


Wisport Yeti Military gaiters are a solid and well-made piece of gear that will easily protect your feet against rain, mud or a bit of water. They are rugged, available at a reasonable price (30-35 EUR depending on the colour) and designed to allow minor repairs (replacement of cords) even in the field conditions. One possible limitation may be the incomplete availability of the size-color combinations – it would be nice if the Wisport would decide to fill this lack…

Many thanks to Wisport for giving us a chance to test the Wisport Yeti Military gaiters!


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